1. Roads

From the recording Surviving the Echoes


The road winds around this world
Like a snake squeezing her prey
And this circumnavigation
Gets a little harder everyday
Sometimes you drive forever
Through the long dark of the night
Or have we come so far north now the sun’s not gonna rise?

Modern science tells us
There are dark forces beneath the earth
That shift the land and make the mountains rise
But I’ve come here to show you
That ain’t what mountains are all about
We’re at the bottom of the hourglass
And our time is running out

Now, I’ll fall on faith but I’m scared as hell Honey, ain’t nobody safe
So tera-tethered, I’m setting out
But the horizon curves the wrong way

Neil Armstrong was the first man
Ever set foot on the moon
But that ain’t why I wish that I was him
‘Cause escaping the world has come easy enough
But choose your vices well
‘Cause what I can’t do is get myself back again

Now, They’ll tell you how all the wheels turn
But, kid, they’re all full of shit
‘Cause the monsters you fear, well, they’re all real All you can do is place your bet

And go all in on a pair of 9s
Then hit the road when all the money’s gone
Abandon your car when the sun comes up
In the end maybe we’re just the sum of what we’ve lost

‘Cause that ticking in your chest is an atom bomb Hell, we were always gonna lose
So let it bleed, let it break, and then watch it blow
Now, put this cigarette to your lips and light the fuse