1. Trees

From the recording Surviving the Echoes


She was born in a grove of trees
Half way between two shining seas
And the things her folks said ‘Don’t forget’ Would float away where two rivers met
But she remembers how the pine trees smelled
And the memories those cedars held

Then the trees she loved were all cut down
That’s what happens in a logging town Now folks boast of how far you can see But she don’t like their kind of free

You see, poverty in this town once slept
And moved back in when the saw mill left ‘Now don’t cry to me. You all got paid’
Said the business man but it’s a hell of a trade
When you pony up to barter your past
For what must be spent, for what cannot last

Now nothing slows the wind these days
It just cuts on through in progress’ name How do tell a story now
After you’ve pulled all your landmarks down

So out among the stumps and scars
They all said were sawed off prison bars She plants what she will never see
But sequoias out-grow every other tree So she plants what she will never see
And hope grows from the smallest seeds So she plants what she will never see ‘Cause ‘round here hope grows slowly